Interested in a career in medicine or science? I am here to guide you every step of the way! Started off as an international student, I had no previous knowledge of the North American education system. Learning it as an “outsider” gave me a unique angle to compare the system with other ones around the world.  Graduated from a religious high school in a small town of Manitoba to a bachelor focused the University of Winnipeg, transferring to world-class research focused McGill University in Montreal, then going to Harvard University for post-doctoral training. Eventually finishing medical school at McGill and now experiencing post-graduate medical training at the University of Toronto. My experiences sliced through geolocations from rural to downtown metropolitan, and from small locally focused schools to academic focused world-class universities. No matter where are you situated right now, I will be able to relate to your experience and help you move towards where you want to be.

Advanced Editing

    Scientific writing has a unique style that heavily relies on the review of existing literature, development of a novel hypothesis, explanation of experimental procedures, and above all, unraveling of the results. All of the information needs to be delivered in a logical and cohesive way. Years of training and intrinsic passion for science allowed me to detect experimental design glitches, logical bugs, and incoordination in the flow. These issues are common in writings such as scholarship application, journal articles, thesis, and reports. They are challenging to detect but can be detrimental to the paper.

Industrial Consultation

    Newly formed pharmaceutical and biomedical startups often need to outsource workloads for pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics characterization of pre-drugs. In fact, with current reform of established pharmaceuticals, more and more companies have reduced their in-house PK team and rely on external contract teams. Startups by scientists sometimes lack the clinical training to realize technical challenges and implementation hurdle in the clinical setting. Having a consultant with both pharmacology and medicine background to conduct an independent evaluation can help convincing investors.

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