Scientific Editing


    If you are looking for someone to correct your grammar, I am not the best person to ask. English is not my native language and grammar is not my strong suit. Good news is, you can probably find an English major in your local school. If you are comfortable with online services, there are plenty of freelancer website filled with people living in countries where two dollars can go a long way.  Better yet, the grammar correcting software is getting more and more reliable.

    Literature search relies on evaluations of the scientific rigor and extrapolated conclusions from research results. All forms of scientific writings require background literature search.  Twelve years of research experience provided me with a skill set to appraise the methodological designs and statistical analysis of studies. Each type of scientific writing, being a peer-reviewed journal article, a grant application or a lab report, contains a unique writing style. If you are struggling with any of these aspects of scientific writing, I will be glad to help.

What is an experimental design glitch? Depends on the question you are asking and hypothesis you synthesized, the experimental design can be completely different.


logical bugs, and incoordination in the flow

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