Awards & Achievements

Research Grant
Shire/Boston Children’s Hospital Rare Disease Collaboration Program (2013-2015)

Selected Scholarships & Travel Awards
Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR)
CIHR Frederick Banting and Charles Best Scholarships (2009-2012)
CIHR Systems Biology Training Scholarship and Travel Grant (2010-2012)
Sainte-Justine Hospital Student Foundation Excellency Award (2010)
Principal’s Graduate Fellowships (2009-2011)
Sainte-Justine Hospital Student Foundation Scholarship (2007-2009)
FRSQ scholarship for superior recruitment of student in vision network (2007-2008)

Presentation Awards
Quebec Health Research Foundation (FRSQ)
Retina Division of FRSQ Vision Network Prize (2011)
University of Montreal Vision science research group (GRSV) prize (2011)
Sainte-Justine Hospital Annual Conference Award (2011)
Quebec Funding of Health Research (FRSQ) Vision Network Prize (2010)
University of Montreal Department of Ophthalmology Prize (2010)
Quebec Funding of Health Research (FRSQ) Prize for excellent presentation (2010)
McGill University pharmacology research day AstraZeneca Prize (2010)

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